At my studio, creativity flourishes. Bazany Design is an independent creative studio offering graphic design, illustration, and artistic communications for environmental, nonprofit, creature-based, and earth-focused organizations who look for a unique, artistic method to promote their mission. I start with great corporate branding (logos, corporate identity systems, etc.) and roll out comprehensive collateral and support materials that correspond to your overall branding strategy. Infused with these services is an emphasis on highly effective graphic and promotional efforts ranging from advertising campaigns to localized promotional activities to get the best exposure—and response—to your brand. I work in both print- and web-based output, keeping up with today's fast-moving technology to ensure your message gets in the right hands through whichever medium your customer uses.
Key to my design effectiveness is a background in marketing strategy, which supports a streamlined design workflow from creative concept to print production. Before starting a task, I'll dig into the Whys, the What-fors, and the What-do-you-wanna-get-out-of-its. If I didn't, I'd be wasting your time—and money. It's a smart way to think about brand design, and it ensures the best use of time and budget.
Many of our customers refer to me as their “personal offsite design staff” that they can reach out to anytime. And working out of my home office means low overhead (translating into savings for you).

1. Say what I'll do, do what I say.
2. Respect the environment in all phases of my work.
3. Deliver quality to all of my clients, in the smallest task or the largest campaign.
4. Uphold integrity in all that I do.

I uphold these values in life, and in business. Shouldn't everyone?​​​​​​​

Growing up in the cold, gray Michigan winters was a very strong incentive for a decent education and a chance to hone my creative skills (inside, where it was warm). I earned a B.A. in Business Administration from Grand Valley State University while developing my artistic voice at the same time—skills which uniquely enhance my clients' projects to this day. After migrating south, Bazany Design was formed. 
Since its inception in 2005, Bazany Design has grown to support multiple clients in varying industries around the country whose demands are always met—and expectations continually exceeded—with skill and determination. 
When I'm not busting out creative, I can often be found hiking the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee, scooting around St. Pete on Clyde, the two-wheeled wonder, or paddleboarding the salty coast on Biscuit.